Hydrology Days 2007


AGU Hydrology Days 2007
March 19 - March 21, 2007


 Dedication to Professor J-Y Parlange



Exact solution for two-phase non-equilibrium mass transfer of air sparging

Osama Al-Gahtani, James Warner and Paul DuChateau






Effectiveness of a vertical barrier against intrusion of flood plain infiltrated water into an aquifer

Cinzia Miracapillo






Evaluating Recreational Benefits of Water Resources on Small Geographical Areas: An Application to Rivers in Puerto Rico

John B. Loomis and Juan Marcos González






Hydrologic System for Simulating Reference Flows in the Geum River Basin' s TMDL Practices

Jaekyoung Noh and Luis Garcia






Indirect Detection of Intentional Chemical Contamination in the Distribution System Using Low Cost Turbidity Sensors

Seongho Cho, Kenneth Carlson and Kenneth Stutzman






Effects of spring land cover change on early Indian summer monsoon variability

Eungul Lee, Thomas N. Chase, Balaji Rajagopalan and Roger G. Barry






Investigating the potential of NAO index to forecast droughts in Sicily

Cancelliere, A., Di Mauro, G., Bonaccorso, B. and Rossi, G.






The links between the categorized Southern Oscillation indicators and precipitation patterns over Turkey

M. Cagatay Karabork and Ercan Kahya






Impact of El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) on Hydrometeorology Variability at Valle del Cauca State, Colombia, Using Canonical Correlation Analysis

Yesid Carvajal and Juan B. Marco






North Atlantic Oscillation signals in the series of Beysehir lake-levels (Turkey)

Ercan Kahya and Taner Cengiz






ENSO effects on mean temperature in Turkey

Ali Ihsan Marti and Ercan Kahya






Do El NINO events modulate the statistical characteristics of Turkish streamflow?

Ercan Kahya, Ali Ihsan Marti






Comparison of rotated and unrotated principal components of Turkish streamflow

Serdar Kalayci and Ercan Kahya






Stochastic modeling of Karasu River (Turkey) using the methods of Artificial Neural Networks

Ibrahim Can, Cahit Yerdelen and Ercan Kahya






Performing k-means analysis to drought principal components of Turkish rivers

M. Cuneyd Demirel, A. J. Mariano and Ercan Kahya






Trend analysis of sea levels along Turkish coasts

Burkay Seseogullari, Ebru Eris, and Ercan Kahya



Hydrological determination of hierarchical clustering scheme by using small experimental matrix

M. Cuneyd Demirel and Ercan Kahya


Spatial grouping of annual streamflow patterns in Turkey

Ercan Kahya, M. Cuneyd Demirel and Thomas C. Piechota


Regime Equations in Mountain Streams in the Cauca Region of Colombia

Ana C. Arbeláez, María Elvira Guevara, Lilian Posada, Luís J. González and Carlos A. Gallardo


Bankfull Discharge in Mountain Streams in the Cauca Region of Colombia

Ana C. Arbeláez, María Elvira Guevara., Lilian Posada, Luís González M and Carlos A. Gallardo


Low Flow Discharges Regional Analysis using Wakeby Distribution in an ungauged basin in Colombia.

Ana C. Arbeláez and Lina M. Castro


Hydro-geomorphological classification of the Albanian coastline in the Mediterranean sea

Niko Pano, Alfred Frasheri, Bardhyl Avdyli, Koço Gjoka, Marenglen Bukli and Shpetim Bozdo



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