Hydrology Days 2008


AGU Hydrology Days 2008
March 26 - March 28, 2008


  Dedication to Professor Wilfried H. Brutsaert



On the Importance of Spatial Correlation in Stochastic Precipitation Used in Water Supply Modeling

Matthew C. Carney, Marijan Babi?, Woldezion Mesghinna






Determining environmental flow requirements for substrate maintenance in cobble and boulder bed rivers in South Africa

James Cullis






Mapping Soil Salinity Using Soil Salinity Samples and Variograms: Case Study in the Lower Arkansas Basin

Ahmed Eldeiry and Luis A. García






Analyzing the Effects of High Water Tables on Evapotranspiration from Uncultivated Land in Colorado’s Lower Arkansas River Valley

Niklas U. Hallberg, Jeffrey D. Niemann and Timothy K. Gates






Hyetograph Simulation of High-Intense Rainfall Events

Franz Konecny and Peter Strauss






Strategies for Reducing Alfalfa Consumptive Water Use

Brad Lindenmayer, Neil Hansen, Mark Crookston, Joe Brummer, and Ajay Jha






The simulation programs of the Instream Flow Incremental Methodology

Robert T. Milhous






How to get 3-D accuracy with a 2-D stream-aquifer interaction model (or “The Turning Resistance Factor in River Seepage”)

Hubert J. Morel-Seytoux






Runoff and Erosion Estimates for Great Plains Dryland Agroecosystems

Kate Norvell, Neil Hansen, Dwayne Westfall and Laj Ahuja






Desiccation of Porous Media: Intermediate-Scale Flow Cell Experiments and Numerical Simulations

M. Oostrom, T.W. Wietsma, M.A. Covert and T.E. Queen






Delivery of Remedial Amendments to Lower-Permeability Zones through Fluid Viscosity Modifications

M. Oostrom, L. Zhong, T.W. Wietsma, M.A. Covert and T.E. Queen






Limited Irrigation Adoption and Water Leasing in Colorado

James Pritchett, Jennifer Thorvaldson, Neil Hansen and Ajay Jha






Kinematic wave technique applied to hydrologic distributed modeling using stationary storm events: an application to synthetic rectangular basins and an actual watershed

Michael J. Shultz, Ernest C. Crosby and John A. McEnery






Applying subsurface drainage and windbreaks to control dryland salinity

H. Steppuhn






A fully-automated apparatus for the determination of three types of hydraulic conductivity

T.W. Wietsma, M. Oostrom, M.A. Covert and T.E. Queen




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