Upload Presentations: Arrive at least 10 minutes before the session begins with your presentation on a flash drive to upload the presentation.

Laptop and LCD projector are provided for all presentations in a single session.  The computer will include Acrobat Reader, PowerPoint, and a Chrome or Firefox web browser. Speakers should NOT plan to use a personal computer for their presentation

Presentations are 15-minutes each, inclusive of questions and transitions. 

  • All presentations must be delivered in English
  • Speakers should NOT plan to use a personal computer for their presentation
  • Speakers should end their presentation with the words, “Thank you” not “I will now take questions” because there may not be time for questions. The moderator will determine if there is time for questions


Please refer to the information posted here:


Though posters will not be included in the student competition, students are also encouraged to present a scientific research poster. 


HDs posters are expected to follow the following dimensions: 45″(w) x 36″ (h). We will supply poster boards which will have TWO posters placed side-by-side on each board so please adhere to the posted dimensions to ensure everyone has adequate space to share their work. In addition to the poster board, there will be a table on which you can place handouts or other information for interested people. 

* Final acceptance in the scientific program is contingent on receipt of formatted abstract by the posted deadline AND completed conference registration

This event is organized by the One Water Solutions Institute at Colorado State University.  For questions or comments regarding Hydrology Days please contact: