Hydrology Days 2006


Conference Proceedings
AGU Hydrology Days 2006
March 20 - March 22, 2006


 Dedication to Professor Rafael L Bras



A generalized multiobjective particle swarm optimization solver for spreadsheet models: application to water quality

Alexandre M. Baltar and Darrell G. Fontane






Effects of Four Catchment Modifications on Urban Runoff

J.P. Davis, C.A. Rohrer and L.A. Roesner






Artists’ Depictions of Catsteps in the Loess Hills of Iowa: Evidence for Mid-Nineteenth Century Climate Change

Kimberly R. Dillon, Steven H. Emerman and Pamela K. Wilcox






Potential Contribution of Residuals for Better Prediction of Soil Salinity from Remote Sensing Data

Ahmed Eldiery and Luis A. Garcia






Effects of climate change on the distribution of the Arkansas River flow

Elgaali Elgaali and Luis A. Garcia






The Influence of El Niño Phenomenon on the Climate of Venezuela

Edilberto Guevara






Dry season modelling in Cojedes State, Venezuela by drought analysis of Tirgua river flows

Edilberto Guevara and Franklin Paredes, Nahir Carballo and Luís Rumbo






Assessing and Modeling Irrigation-Induced Selenium in the Stream-Aquifer System of the Lower Arkansas River Valley, Colorado

Alexander W. Herting and Timothy K. Gates






Seasonal and regional variability in scaling properties and correlation structure of high resolution precipitation data in a highly heterogeneous mountain environment (Switzerland)

Peter Molnar and Paolo Burlando






Uncertainty in Mass-Balance Calculations of Non-Point Source Loads to the Arkansas River

Jennifer Mueller and Timothy K. Gates






LNAPLs do not Always Float: An Example Case of a Viscous LNAPL under Variable Water Table Conditions

M. Oostrom, C. Hofstee and T.W. Wietsma






Micron-Size Zero-Valent Iron Emplacement in Porous Media Using Polymer Additives: Column and Flow Cell Experiments

M. Oostrom, T.W. Wietsma, M.A. Covert and V.R. Vermeul






Water balance evaluation and regularization of Albanian rivers basins

Niko Pano, Bardhyl Avdyli, Marenglen Bukli and Koco Gjoka






Reconstructing mechanistic models of alpine basins hydro-climatic behaviour using observed data

Paolo Perona and Paolo Burlando






A GIS Tool to Analyze Forest Road Sediment Production and Stream Impacts

Ajay Prasad, David G. Tarboton, Charles H. Luce and Thomas A. Black






Multivariate Shifting Mean Plus Persistence Model for Simulating the Great Lakes Net Basin Supplies

Óli Grétar Blöndal Sveinsson and Jose D. Salas




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